Epson makes textile printing sustainable

The textile industry has always been known for its enormous impact on the environment. Epson has long since taken a different direction: we focus entirely on digital printing, which has allowed us and all of our partners to obtain the highest ecological certifications in the world for both products and processes.

Digital printing is more sustainable than traditional printing. It uses faster, cheaper and more flexible processes which lead to savings in electricity and water and less waste due to our ability to offer on-demand printing. Digital printing guarantees better results, greater flexibility and greater respect for the environment.

Monna Lisa Carbon Neutral Printing Project

Epson is successfully pursuing the carbon neutrality goal, planning carbon negativity before 2050. The offsetting strategy has the goal of absorbing more carbon than it’s produced, by zero-km tree planting in Milan and a wind farm in India.

Sustainability in the Green Label project

Today the most innovative field in which the textile industry plays a role is that of environmental sustainability. Regulations and new environmental legislation, including the Green Label, the green certification signed off by Acimit, have greatly accelerated change throughout the supply chain.

ITMA 2023: Epson technology meets sustainability

For Epson, which has always relied on digital printing as a technology that offers real advantages in terms of environmental impact, participation at ITMA 2023 was also an opportunity to renew its personal commitment to sustainability.

Our office becomes green thanks to solar power

Epson has always been at the forefront of achieving set decarbonisation goals and therefore contributing to climate protection both within its organization and its supply chains. This is the thinking behind Epson's Monna Lisa project, a commitment to voluntarily reduce the carbon footprint of processes that use the equipment it sells on the market. This responsible course of action led to the creation of a solar farm with solar panels on the building of the Villa Guardia (CO) headquarters in order to meet the company's internal energy needs.

Take a view of the solar panels at Epson headquarters in Villa Guardia (CO)