Monna Lisa Series: 8 base colours with extension option, up to 740m²/h and 600x600 dpi. Features for excellence

Advanced automatic cleaning and adjustment mechanism, high ink/fabric capacity: all you need for top quality and high-speed printing. With no errors and almost zero downtime. The highest standards and an unmatched flexibility, able to adapt in real time to the needs of our increasingly dynamic market.

Find your Monna Lisa

What are Epson’s Genesta inks for textile printing?

What does an ink need to make the difference for your company?

It must allow the precision, reliability and durability of fabric prints. No client wants reviews that state “two washes and the colour is already pale and dull”, or “the pattern isn’t sharp, looks like low res”, and so on. Epson formulated Genesta inks specifically for the Monna Lisa series, in order to provide not only the highest quality on any fabric, but also smooth and optimized workflow. Genesta inks come in 4 different formulations: Acid, Reactive, Disperse and Pigment. 4 inks to cover all types of fabric with a specific solution.

All packed in degassed vacuum bags to minimise ink waste: the more you print, the more you save.