Our best solutions for traditional printing

Our selection of traditional printing dyes

Only the best dyes, from an accurate selection of the top products, materials and suppliers worldwide.

The following types of dyes are available:
- direct
- acid
- pre-metallised
- disperse
- reactive (for printing and dyeing)
- tinting
- pigment

Not just dyes, here you can find all the other products we can provide for traditional printing, from auxiliaries to finishings.
- process auxiliaries
- detergents
- wetting agents
- disperse
- desizing agents
- sequestering agents
- antifoaming agents
- levelling agents
- dispersing agents
- fixing agents
- finishing products
- acrylic resins
- vinyl resins
- glyoxal resins
- waterproof agents
- polyethene emulsions
- migration inhibitor
- flame retardant

Thermo sensitive

If you need a fabric that changes colour when the temperature rises above or falls below a certain threshold

Varioterm pigmentsThe Varioterm pigments are made from special heat-sensitive substances which have the property of appearing coloured below a certain temperature and become colourless above the same temperature.

Varioterm dyesThe thermochromic substances constituting the Varioterm dyes are contained in spherical microcapsules insoluble in water. The dye's commercial physical form is constituted by a paste, in the aqueous phase, formed by the dispersion of these microcapsules.


Printing paste with swelling effect very resistant to maintenance.

Special finishing productsWellness niches have developed new specific needs for their customers, that are managed by applying substances onto the fabric to generate specific effects and/or allowing specific interactions between the wearer and the surrounding environment. Some examples are:

- Aroma aqualite: released of perfumed fragrances (lavender, rose, lemon, sandal, etc.)
- Prethermo: thermoregulator at 25°C or 31°C
- Forage el: release of elagic acid (anti-infiammatory)
- Forage gl: release of linoleic acid (moisturising)



  • FORGIN: a full range of alginate-based thickeners

  • FORGUM: a range of tamarind or Guar-based thickeners

  • FORGUM HH: CMC-based thickener suitable for reactive and disperse printing

AdhesivesEpson Como Printing Technologies is the Italian representative for ATR, one of the most important European adhesives manufacturers. We can provide a wide range of adhesives: permanent, thermoplastic, heat sensitive and solvent-based. You can choose the tack, hardness and adhesion levels depending on your specific needs. You can also find products for the daily maintenance of the carpet and all kinds of adhesive removal.