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Our most advanced facility is here to help you: your one-stop place to experiment solutions, research technologies and find all the answers you need. Our facility is dedicated to research, assistance, training and promotion of the entire digital printing process. Here we bring your creative ideas to life. Here we find the best solution for you.

Total Textile Solution: industrial digital printing integrated system

Epson is the one and only partner you need to run the entire textile printing process.
Total Textile Solution is our integrated system for industrial digital textile printing. It’s based on Monna Lisa printers and all the steps before and after the actual printing are optimized to get you the best result in the easiest way. Forget dealing with lots of providers, forget all related issues. Thanks to the acquisition of For.Tex and F.lli Robustelli, Epson can take care of you and your business through the whole process, from start to finish.

Fields of application

  • Haute couture fashion

    Monna Lisa is the best choice for fashion houses seeking excellence. When competing on ideas, you simply can’t accept any limitations. Unleash creativity, Monna Lisa makes it real.

  • Fashion accessories

    All kinds of fabric for shoes, handbags, ties, scarves. Whether going for traditional motifs or original patterns, you’ll always get unparalleled precision and detail when printing on a Monna Lisa.

  • Home textile

    Monna Lisa has an extensive variety of inks to print on any type of fabric. Sharp and neat designs and resistant colours, to produce curtains, and sofa, home linens, that will last through the years.

  • Fast fashion

    The latest fashion market trends must reach fast fashion retailers in just a few weeks. Monna Lisa can instantly adapt to new trends and deliver the highest quality output before anyone else.

  • Sportswear & beachwear

    Thanks to extensive ink testing, Monna Lisa provides the best quality and volumes even on innovative technical or special fabrics, developed to increase comfort and performance.

The secret to digital fabric printing: Textile Solution Center

In addition to its test, assistance and research & development activities, Textile Solution Center also trains the textile and fashion designers of the future. Creatives of tomorrow must know what technology can actually allow them to do. Digital printing, technologically advanced inks, treatments, every day there’s a new discovery to help professionals to achieve new goals. We design a future where you’re leading, not following.


The key to the perfect printing: fabric pre-treatment

Would you ever paint your masterpiece on a dirty, uneven, low-quality canvas?
In the same way, having a properly prepared fabric is essential in any digital printing process. If you want your quality to be an unreachable competitive advantage, if you want to get deep and brilliant shades of colours, if you want to leave your clients astonished by what you can do for them, you must give maximum attention to the pre-treatment step. It is your secret ingredient.

You can now find out all the technical specs and requirements of our Pregen pre-treatment in the table below.

ATRAFIX: the permanent blanket adhesive

In our search for the perfect printing environment, we created the ATRAFIX ML adhesive series to give Monna Lisa printer blanket the right degree of tack it needs. It comes in different versions: ATRAFIX ML/T, ML/S and ML/K. ML/T can be used as a bottom layer, ML/S creates a soft film (more suitable for cellulose fibres) while ML/K creates a harder one (more suitable for silk and synthetic fibres). To periodically refresh the blanket, adhesive layers can be easily removed with ADHESOLV (environmentally friendly and not flammable solvent).

To know more about ATRAFIX technical spec, uses and mixes, check the table below.

Thermo plastic adhesive
Permanent adhesive
Levelling resin
Detergent and refreshing agent / Stripping agent for the removal of resins and adhesive films

Post-treatment: where the printed fabric becomes the product

Post-treatment is a term that includes several processes that happen after the printing and that change the printed fabric in the finished product. Let’s get deeper into these phases: traditional finishing, washing and innovative finishing.


Traditional printing vs Monna Lisa Digital Printing

As technology moves forward, processes become faster, cheaper, more flexible and, most important, greener. The transition from traditional to digital printing is no exception. Traditional printing doesn’t use pre-treatments, have overcomplicated and multiple steps: sample printing, colour separation engraving, paste preparation, paste and water disposal… digital printing grants better results, more flexibility and is much easier on the environment.

PrecisionCore means maximum print quality and productivity

Monna Lisa system features a new print head array with Epson’s PrecisionCore technology. PrecisionCore is the most advanced print head Epson has ever created. It steps up all the relevant parameters in a printing process: more precision, dot positioning, unmatched detail, ink efficiency, realiability… To give you just a few numbers, a standard 128 PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chips, configured as 32 four-chip print heads, provides 12,800 nozzles. For each colour.
Configurations go up to 64 print heads. Thanks to this technology, colour and pattern reproduction are exceptionally uniform, and even areas of solid colour and fine geometric patterning can be beautifully rendered while maintaining high throughput.


Textile Solution Center: leading the international expansion

Expanding TSC to Asia means bringing solutions wherever they’re needed the most.
Since 2019, Textile Solution Center has been available in the Far East too, inside Fujimi Plant, in Japan. Like the facility operating in Como, TSC Asia supports digital textile printing by conducting research and development and by producing digital printed samples for customers in Japan and throughout the continent. Asia is a strategic area in the textile market and Epson is there to help the industry grow, bringing the most advanced technologies and problem-solving.


How can TSC help you and your business grow faster and healthier?

Come and see for yourself how we work for you.
Our TSC facilities continuously operate to help our partners grow and dominate the market. Research, training, innovation spreading, assistance, promotion: our efforts are 100% focused in developing the expertise and solutions the market needs.


Research and Development

One of Total Solution Center's main goals is to pursue constant improvement and to explore new technical and creative possibilities for textile digital printing, to stay always ahead of innovation. We are always at your disposal to work out and try customized solutions according to specific needs. If you have an idea, TSC is the perfect place to test it before implementation.

Assistance: whenever you have an issue

TSC can support you through each and every step of the digital textile printing process, from pre- to post-treatment and everything in the middle. Our highly qualified team has all the expertise and know-how to get you out of any trouble you can experience. Forget about any technical issue. We will design solutions specific to your case and around your specific needs.