Epson Como: fabric printing made in Italy

Epson Como Printing Technologies: our history grants your success

What should you look for in a partner for textile printing technologies?
First of all, you should trust him. Trust his ethics and expertise. Be sure that he knows what he’s talking about. And the more fields he masters, the better. Most companies have one different partner/provider for every area of their businesses, that’s extremely inefficient. You should invest your energies in running your business, not forcing together puzzle pieces that simply don’t match. Epson Como Printing Technologies adds up the experience and technical means of 3 companies: F.lli Robustelli, For.Tex and Epson.
F.lli Robustelli has designed and produced photogravure and textile printing machinery and systems since the 1950s and was responsible for the engineering of the Monna Lisa series on Epson technology. For.Tex has been an international top provider of dyes thickeners and speciality for printing for 30+ years, and contributed to the development of the Genesta inks. Epson is an established global leader in digital imaging technologies with a lineup that ranges from inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3LCD projectors, smart glasses, sensing systems and industrial robots.
F.lli Robustelli and For.Tex became part of the Epson Group and were then merged into the company called Epson Como Printing Technologies to take full charge of the industrial textile business.

Research and technical support

Industrial textile printing is, on one side, a matter of technology, research and craftsmanship, where Epson and Monna Lisa systems historically shine. On the other side, though, we strongly believe that, in order to reach the quality to lead the market, companies require continuous support and attention, as well as tailored, precise, timely and effective solutions.
To support you pursue this goal, we created the Total Textile Solution: on one hand helping customers to solve critical issues, and on the other always exploring new technical and expressive potentials of digital printing on fabric. Textile Solution Center completes the process: it’s an entire R&D facility dedicated to find customised solutions based on your specific requirements.

The Monna Lisa Project

Digital printing machines specifically designed for your business
Monna Lisa was born from the constant technical challenges presented by our clients, combined with our total commitment to keep the role of market leader in technological evolution and output quality standards. After just a few years, Monna Lisa is now a well-known brand throughout the global textile industry, commonly taken as a reference standard in digital printing on fabrics.
With the creation of Epson Como Printing Technologies, the Epson Group consolidates its leadership in industrial digital textile printing, combining Italian textile experience, taste and quality with the best Japanese inkjet technology.

Chemical laboratory

When working with ink, dye and treatments, it’s important to deeply understand not only the composition of all the chemicals, but also their interaction with one another and with all the different materials. Our Chemical Laboratory in Fino Mornasco (Como) has all the equipment to run all those tests and provide reliable responses to any appearance, fastness and any technical or application issue. Technicians and chemical engineers specialised in both traditional and digital printing, preparations, dyeing, finishings and textile chemistry thoroughly analyze every chemical-textile issue that may arise during all the steps of the process, from printing to pre- and post-treatment.

News from the textile printing world

Research and development activities continuously bring out innovation, new technologies, advanced guidelines and best practices. Keeping you up-to-date is an important step of our work: all the innovation in the world can’t make any difference for you and your business if you’re not aware of it.