Monna Lisa goes carbon neutral

Everybody knows textile printing is not environmentally friendly

But we strongly believe that it’s in the less sustainable industries that major efforts should be made. We know our market and we designed our carbon-neutrality strategy to do our part the best we can, while helping some of the smallest businesses contribute to the cause with no budget.

First of all, we push hard on digital printing, which has real and undeniable advantages in terms of environmental impact.

Monna Lisa neutral power: environmental protection projects

About Rete Clima

Rete Clima is a non-profit organization that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and decarbonization actions. Actively fighting the causes and effects of climate change since 2011, Rete Clima is focused on organizations and territories, to fight global warming both on local and global scale. Decarbonization is one of the most relevant activities to fight global climate change, Rete Clima works on it through carbon footprint analysis, strategies of CO₂ reduction and carbon emissions compensation. It also supports companies developing concrete circular economy projects, national forestry, communication and environmental and social reporting, keeping its technical network in connection with the academic world.