Green Label: the key to the future of the green textile industry

Technology, innovation and sustainability: new values are born

Italian textile machinery manufacturers play a leading role in tracking new strategic trends linked to the green technologies in their sector. Today the most innovative field in which the textile industry plays a role is that of environmental sustainability. Regulations and new environmental standards, also applied to the textile and chemical sectors, have greatly accelerated change across the whole supply chain, which is more sensitive and attentive to respecting these values.

What is Green Label Certification?

Green Label is the green certification signed off by Acimit designed for textile companies and their machinery. It is a document aimed at identifying and making the energy and environmental performance of a textile machine easy to understand, with reference to a process chosen by the manufacturer as a comparison parameter.

Awareness of the technological excellence it has achieved, also in terms of sustainability, is one of the strengths of the Italian textile machinery industry, which is at the forefront of sustainable technological solutions in support of the textile industry. More specifically, the quantity of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions (Carbon Footprint, or CFP) produced during the operation of machinery has been chosen as the parameter for giving machinery objects an ecological efficiency label.

Green Label is an Italian seal of quality developed by an international certification body, RINA, with the aim of developing and promoting certain issues that are key for the textile industry.

A more sustainable textile industry? Find out how this is possible…

Italian machinery manufacturers across the varied sectors of the textile industry (from spinning to knitting; from weaving to finishing) are able to provide technological solutions capable of:

  • Reducing emissions

    Strongly reducing or eliminating the emission or use of hazardous substances in production processes.

  • Saving energy and water

    Ensuring greater water savings and better energy efficiency in production processes.

  • Circular economy

    Enabling the recycling of end-of-life materials.

A RINA-certified standard

The process of issuing the Green Label and the relevant measurements taken has been validated by an international certification body, RINA. Using a standardised and certified procedure, RINA works (every two years for 20% of the companies participating in the project) to verify both the methods of measuring the parameters and the operating conditions of the machines subject to this labelling.

At the end of the on-site inspections, RINA will issue a certificate of conformity that certifies compliance with the Regulation by participating companies and the accuracy of the performance data of the Green Label certificates issued.

Epson and sustainability

Epson has always focused on digital printing, a technology that has real and undeniable advantages in terms of environmental impact. The core business and all the sustainability certifications earned by Epson reflect this commitment. In October 2021, the Monna Lisa Carbon-Neutral Printing initiative was launched, a programme that aims to offset the carbon footprint of every Monna Lisa operating on the market. On top of this, Epson also collaborates with Rete Clima, a non-profit organisation specialising in guiding companies towards their sustainability goals, in order to guarantee results.

Carbon neutrality will be achieved both with the generation of Gold Standard carbon credits by a wind farm project in India and, simultaneously, the planting of carbon-neutral trees in a park north of Milan. The same assets have been renewed for the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

Green Label for Epson, the 2022 certificate

This is the green certificate obtained by Epson, listing the company's ecological footprint value and evidence of the energy and environmental performance of each certified printing machine calculated with reference to a production cycle defined by the manufacturer.

Green Label-certified Monna Lisa printers

Green Label certification is currently active for the following Monna Lisa Epson products. Discover them now, with full details of their versatility, perfect balance, high output volumes and the best quality imaginable…