Total Textile Solution: digital fabric printing from 0 to product

Imagine having just one partner who takes care of all your production needs. Wouldn’t everything be much easier? And this partner is Epson Como, which can provide you with the most advanced technologies and the widest experience, to walk alongside you and make everything smooth, from pre-treatment to finished products.


Fabric pre- and post-treatments

Treatments: the underrated secret behind perfect colours and top tier printing.
Would you draw your masterpiece on a stained, greasy, dirty canva? In the same way, you wouldn't print on a rough tissue. Pre-treatments make your fabric the best surface to print on, the only way to make astonishing, top quality products. Your ideas deserve to be treated with all due respect.

Digital vs Traditional printing

PrecisionCore by Epson is the game changer that makes digital unbeatable.
Digital printing has several advantages over traditional: just choose your pattern and send it to print. And with Monna Lisa printers you have one solution both for sampling and for mass production. Let alone value for money, ease of use and lower environmental impact.

Literally everything you need to know, do and solve

Our Como facility is the most advanced textile research center. And it works for you.
The Textile Solution center is our facility in Como, dedicated to R&D, assistance, training and promotion for the industrial digital textile printing market. Not just research: we test processes and ideas, and we develop customised solutions for you.


Monna Lisa ML-8000: best start & grow

The same tools big companies use, now also for smaller businesses.

Monna Lisa ML-16000: the balanced

Designed to provide the perfect balance between production and the budget needs.

Monna Lisa ML-16000HY: special effects!

The revolutionary solution in digital printing.

Monna Lisa ML-24000: flexibility and sustainability

Designed to ensure safety and sustainability in the textile sector.

Monna Lisa ML-32000: the versatile

Perfect to work in limited space or on a tight budget.

Monna Lisa ML-64000: state of the art

Simply the best. The highest output volumes with the best quality you can imagine.


News from the textile printing world

Research and development activities continuously bring out innovation, new technologies, advanced guidelines and best practices. Keeping you up-to-date is an important step of our work: all the innovation in the world can’t make any difference for you and your business if you’re not aware of it.

Three expertise combined together

Epson Como was born from the merger of F.lli Robustelli and For.Tex, the two leading companies of Como area Epson chose in the early 2000s for the Monna Lisa project, putting together technologies, know-how and their striving for excellence. Digital fabric printing is a wonderful universe of innovation, events, and people. Epson Como is always at the forefront to keep you updated about new technologies, trends, and standards of the industry, as well as new products and events you can’t miss if you’re part of this world.


Epson make printing sustainable

Textile colouring industry is traditionally known for its huge environmental impact (especially inks). Epson took a different direction: we push hard on digital printing technology, that’s easy on the environment. Our efforts made us and all our partners gain the highest green certifications on our products and processes.

Monna Lisa Carbon Neutral Printing Project

Epson is successfully pursuing the carbon neutrality goal, planning carbon negativity before 2050. The offsetting strategy has the goal of absorbing more carbon than it’s produced, by zero-km tree planting in Milan and a wind farm in India.

Sustainability in the Green Label project

Today the most innovative field in which the textile industry plays a role is that of environmental sustainability. Regulations and new environmental legislation, including the Green Label, the green certification signed off by Acimit, have greatly accelerated change throughout the supply chain.

ITMA 2023: Epson technology meets sustainability

For Epson, which has always relied on digital printing as a technology that offers real advantages in terms of environmental impact, participation at ITMA 2023 was also an opportunity to renew its personal commitment to sustainability.