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Textile know-how

The key to success lies in the ability to establish synergistic partnerships and to blend textile machinery know-how with new digital technologies.

Epson Como Printing Technologies is the new merged company name resulting from the incorporation of For.Tex by F.lli Robustelli. Both leading companies in the “Digital Textile Valley” area of Como, they had been chosen by Epson in the early 2000s as partners for the Monna Lisa project, and were later acquired 100% by Epson Italia, becoming part of the Epson Group.

For.Tex has been for 30 years a trusted provider of dyes thickeners and specialty for printing, both in Italy and overseas, and contributed with the development of the Genesta inks, specifically designed for the Monna Lisa series. Operating since the 1950s, F.lli Robustelli has always designed and produced photogravure and textile printing machinery and systems, and was responsible for the engineering of the Monna Lisa series on Epson print technology.

Monna Lisa project

The constant technical challenges presented by clients, combined with both companies’ commitment to remaining always up-to-date in their role as leaders in technological evolution, led to the creation of Monna Lisa, a brand known today throughout the global textile industry as a reference standard in digital printing on fabrics.

With the creation of Epson Como Printing Technologies, the Epson Group consolidates its leadership in industrial digital textile printing, combining Italian textile experience with the best Japanese ink jet technology.

Monna Lisa Evo Tre

Monna Lisa Evo Tre represents the evolution of Epson industrial textile digital printers and has become a reference standard for high quality printing in such fields of application as haute couture & fast fashion, accessories, home textiles and sportswear. Characterised by the flexibility and productivity typical of digital technology, it is the right choice for an increasingly dynamic market, which demands swift responses to shifting needs.

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Digital printing


Genesta inks have been developed specifically for the Monna Lisa series, to allow precision, reliability and durability of fabric prints. Genesta inks - Acid, Reactive, Disperse and Pigment - provide the highest quality on any fabric.



The auxiliary chemical products have an important role in digital printing on textiles. The Monna Lisa printer and the Genesta inks ensure a high quality production on the most important textile fibers. These results can be improved and optimised with the use of suitable auxiliary pre-treatment chemicals in the processing.
Our aim is to offer the market really effective products in order to always get the best results.



After printing, a steaming and a washing process are needed (with the exception of digital printing with pigment inks). Both these processes are critical in achieving the final result, so it is very important to use the right equipment (for steaming and washing) and the right products (in case of the washing step). We offer a wide range of products to be used in post-treatment of digital prints, from soaping agents to fixing agents to finishing products to increase fastness of prints made with pigment inks.


Traditional processing


The wide range of dyes at our disposal is the result of an accurate selection of products and suppliers.

The following types of dyes are available:

  • direct
  • acid
  • pre-metallised
  • disperse
  • reactive (for printing and dyeing)
  • tinting
  • pigment

We have a wide range of products for preparation, dyeing auxiliaries and finishing products selected among the best on the market.

  • process auxiliaries
  • detergents
  • wetting agents
  • desizing agents
  • sequestering agents
  • antifoaming agents
  • levelling agents
  • dispersing agents
  • fixing agents
  • finishing products
  • acrylic resins
  • vinyl resins
  • glyoxal resins
  • waterproof agents
  • polyethylene emulsions
  • migration inhibitor
  • flame retardant

Printing specialities

Varioterm pigments

The Varioterm pigments are made from special heat-sensitive substances which have the property of appearing colored below a certain temperature and become colorless above the same temperature.

Varioterm dyes

The thermochromic substances constituting the Varioterm dyes are contained in spherical microcapsules insoluble in water.

The commercial physical form of the dyes is therefore constituted by a paste, in the aqueous phase, formed by the dispersion of these microcapsules.

Printing paste with swelling effect very resistant to maintenance.

In addition to the traditional finishings, new "wellness" finishings are available.

They allow to apply substances onto the fabrics so allowing the interaction with the final user and the surrounding environment and, so, bringing special benefits:

  • aroma aqualite: released of perfumed fragrances (lavender, rose, lemon, sandal, etc.)
  • prethermo: thermoregulator at 25°C or 31°C
  • forage el: release of elagic acid (anti-infiammatory)
  • forage gl: release of linoleic acid (moisturizing)


  • FORGIN: a full range of alginate-based thickeners
  • FORGUM: a range of tamarind or Guar-based thickeners
  • FORGUM HH: CMC-based thickener suitable for reactive and disperse printing


ATR is one of the leading European manufacturers of adhesives for printing and it is represented in Italy by Epson Como Printing Technologies.

A wide range of adhesives is available, both permanent, thermoplastic and heat-sensitive, solvent-based and differentiated by tack, hardness and adhesion.

Although not directly used, the adhesive layer works as a protection of the rubber mat, thus prolonging its duration and avoiding damages caused by scratches and abrasions.

Products for the daily maintenance of the carpet and total adhesive removal are also available.

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